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      陈玉琴,叶 苗1,侯继锋(中国食品药品检定研究院,北京 100050;?。闭憬?瞪镏破酚邢薰荆?

      摘要: 目的 探究“十二五”期间血液制品倍增计划实施策略。方法 通过对“十二五”期间血液制品倍增计划重要性、 可行性和现有政策分析,参考欧美等发达国家的血浆管理模式,结合中国国情,探讨性提出扩大血浆采集和血液 制品供给的实施方案和策略。结果与结论 从相关法律法规和技术指导原则的修订、现代信息技术利用、血浆综合 利用率提高、重组技术应用于血液制品生产等多方面,提出了血液制品倍增计划实施策略。

      关键词: 血液制品;倍增计划;献血员信息系统;血浆综合利用;回收血浆
      中图分类号:R954;R977.8 文献标识码:A  文章编号:1002-7777(2014)01-0026-04

      Feasibility Analysis and Strategy Approach on Blood Products Doubling Plan during the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan
      Chen Yuqin,Ye Miao and Hou Jifeng (National Instititutes for Food and Drug control ,Beijing 100050, 1Zhejiang Haikang Biological Products CO., Ltd)
      ABTRACT: Objective? To investigate the strategy on implement blood products Doubling Plan during the national twelfth five –year plan. METHODS? The significance, feasibility and available policy on implementing blood products Doubling Plan during the national twelfth five-year plan were analyze management mode of developed countries such as Europe and USA with the actual conditions in China, implementing strategy on expanding plasma collection and plasma products supply were raised in an exploratory manner . Results and Conclusion? Implementing strategy on blood products Doubling Plan ,which included establishing a national plasma information net, utilizing recovering plasma, relaxing donor age limit, increasing donation times per month, promoting plasma comprehensive utilization and recombinant technology applied for research and development of blood products, was raised after analyzing related laws and regulations, technical guide revision advanced information technology utilization plasma comprehensive utilization and recombinant technology applied in manufacturing blood products.

      KEY WORDS: blood products; Doubling Plan; donor information system; plasma comprehensive utilization; recovered plasma